Why hire a tour guide

Why hire a tour guide: Bookstores and the Internet are now saturated with information about probably any country in the world. One can find anything there – from the most popular sightseeing spots and the best restaurants to hidden gems off-the-bitten-track and comments on local cultural peculiarities. Yet, more travellers leave their guide-books at home and set off for a journey in an unknown place accompanied by a private local expert.

Hiring a private guide is becoming a popular trend, as many realised its benefits. Those who already used services of private guides recommend it to their friends and come back to our web site themselves once a new travel opportunity arises. So, what makes those people go online and book a guide if the travel information is so easily accessible? And can one really find “everything” in the media to make their travel an absolutely astonishing and safe experience?


See the place through the eyes of a local

Having a tour guide around, even if it is only for a few hours, can make a difference to your trip. You will not only get a visually interesting experience of the place, you will be able to really understand the place and immerse yourself in its history and culture. Interesting stories about the past and present of a site, told by an enthusiastic insider, will help bring it alive – something a brief guide-book can’t easily do. 


Learn about things interesting to you

Your tour can focus on various topics interesting to you. Just pick a guide whose expertise falls in your area of interest.

Your tour guide will not only be a historian, but also a competent source of information about the real life and culture of a country you are travelling to. And who is better to tell about local cultural peculiarities, day-to-day life, art, entertainment and much more if not a qualified insider?


Top sites will not be missed – a guide will secure your tour in advance

This issue is particularly relevant when travelling during high tourist season. Some top sites are so popular that they are impossible to visit if not booked far in advance. Your tour guide will be able to secure your tour of the must-see places ahead of your visit, so there is no need to guess whether you will see them!


Avoid unnecessary stress

Confusing signs, sophisticated local public transport system, local language!.. All these things, while may seem like fun for the first 15 minutes, can distract you from enjoying the place you are visiting and affect your initial itinerary. Your private tour guide will take care of all that (as well as other things one doesn’t even think about!) and make sure your day goes as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Lines. They are especially unwelcome if you are short on time. However lines can be easily avoided if your tour guide purchases your tickets beforehand. No need to queue – it saves you a lot of time which can be spent on enjoying the works by Michelangelo or magnificent halls of Hermitage or…


You won’t have to drive or worry about  your rout. Cruising through new territory can be an enjoyable experience when you don’t have to drive and argue with your spouse, trying to figure out the rout. Many of our tour guides are professional driver-guides, so the navigation around the site is going to be smooth and easy!


Get help with your sightseeing program

Deciding on what to see in an unknown place is not easy, especially in a limited time. Your private guide is the one who will help plan your itinerary in the most efficient way. They will take account of your interests (and of those who travel with you), advise on what is feasible to achieve within the time available and offer an optimal sightseeing program, minimising the travel time. They will make sure you will see more!


Travel with confidence with survival tips from a local expert

Just a few tips from a local guide can save you hours, money and help avoid uncomfortable situations while exploring the site on your own. They know what “works” in their cultures and are aware of the situations first-time travellers to their country are faced with.

They will recommend best places to have lunch or dinner, buy souvenirs, advise on what to do, where to go and what to expect there, and how to figure out a local public transport.


Some of the WTG offer tours where you can get a general introduction to the place. Within a couple of hours your guide will cover the questions mentioned above and provide suggestions on how to get the most out of your visit. Thy will be happy to share their knowledge with you to make your stay safe and enjoyable!


WTG are fun to be with!

Experienced guides know that a great tour is a combination of “education” and “entertainment”. WTG tours are not history or art lectures (unless such are requested!). They will keep you entertained and learning for most of the day, mentioning an interesting fact or telling a joke. Just let your guide know about what kind of a tour you are expecting and what your interests are.


Remember: a successful tour is a cooperation of both parties. The more information about your interests you provide, the easier it will be for your guide to make your day exciting and memorable!


Travelling alone?

We know from experience it can be a little more challenging when travelling alone. Your guide – your local expert and a wealth of knowledge – will also keep you company for the day.


Choosing the right guide

When choosing a tour guide read their profiles and tours they offer to make sure that corresponds with your expectations. If want to know something – ask! Click on “Ask a question” button which is on all of the guides profile pages.


Why a WTG guide?

Now, if you liked the advantages of private guided tours, start planning your dream holiday with a local expert. Find your guide at World Trusted Guides.

date of publication: 
Monday, 5 May, 2014